Geek night last night. I installed the Adaptec ANA-62044 4 port ethernet card I bought on ebay in my firewall. The intention is to split up the dmz and wireless traffic into separate zones. This also gives me an excuse to by a gigabit switch.

I also decided to try resolving my issues with my EPIA M motherboard. The machine has been sitting on a shelf unused for year or more because the box hangs after a period of time. The variables of the problem, bad motherboard, bad OS, bad memory, bad hard disk, bad power supply. At the top of my list was a bad power supply/overheating. The board sat in a small form factor box so I thought that was a real possibility. I have a spare case that isn’t being used. I was happy to find out that a mini itx board fits perfectly in the box after moving a couple mounting points. So the motherboard now has a proper 200W power supply to run on and a large amount of air to cool in. It has an old 6 gig hard disk that appears to be fine and a 256 Meg sick of ram.

I got up this morning and the box was frozen so it seems it is not related to the powersupply/case.

The next thing to try is disabling the longhaul (cpu freq throttling) module in linux. It is currently running and has been for 2 hours.

I think this machine is going to be call fugly while i testing it. Since it looks F… Ugly


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