I finally lost it with AITDomains.com. I have been having on going issues with them for years. They were a small scratch that just kept annoying me but not enough to finally say piss off. On tuesday they finally did it. One of my domains wasn’t auto renewed.

After about 30 minutes on the phone with a guy that kept telling me it was my fault I finally gave up arguing the issue hung up on him and faxed in a form so I they could charge me a small fortune to have my domain renewed.

Almost every time a domain comes up for renewal they refused my credit card online. I would have to phone up and get them to manually run it and it would work perfectly. To add insult to injury they ask for your username and password when trouble shooting your account.

So the year on my credit card had expired and I didn’t get any emails saying that the auto renew had failed.

On looking at my mail logs I find that

mail-20061125.gz:Nov 21 10:56:04 griffon postfix/smtpd[8340]: warning: address not listed for hostname aitdomains.com
mail-20061125.gz:Nov 21 10:56:04 griffon postfix/smtpd[8340]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 450 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, []; from=<support@aitdomains.com> to=<XXXXXX> proto=ESMTP helo=<appserver.aitdomains.com>

So the root cause is aitdomains.com couldn’t be bothered to configure a reverse dns lookup for

Interestingly they have now fixed it 86382 IN PTR aitdomains.com.

So by fixing something have they admitted guilt?

So I have initiated a transfer of all my domains to godaddy.com. I unlocked my domains to allow the transfer and kicked it off. I followed there FAQ

How do I transfer my domain name registration away to another registrar?

You will need to contact the registrar you want to transfer to and find out how to submit a request from their system. All you have to do on our end is to make sure the contact information on your account is up to date so the requesting registrar will not have any problems obtaining authorization for the transfer.

So my contact information was correct, and I sat back and waited for the auth codes needed to give to go daddy to get mailed out. An hour later still nothing. I opened a support ticket asking for the authcodes for all my domains. I got a response back saying please specify the domains you want. Wait didn’t I say ALL my domains. So I listed them and they escalated the ticket and get the codes for all the domains except my .org domains. After questioning that I get am told that .org domains don’t need authcodes. A quick call to godaddy and they point me to http://www.pir.org/GetAOrg/FAQ-General.aspx#q11 which specificly says that I do need an auth code. So I reopen the ticket again and the ticket gets escalated again and get all my auth codes.

So now I am checking every couple of ours to see if 1) the expired domain has been restored and 2) all my other domains have been transfered away from the crapy service of AITDOMAINS.

If you are considering using AITDOMAINS.com don’t they truly are awful. The website hasn’t been updated in years. They frequently fail to process vallid credit cards.

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  1. webjedi says:

    well, it wasn’t as if I hadn’t told ya…

    (see subject)

    I’ve NEVER had an issue with DOTSTER… even if they are a bit more at times, the price is worth the lack of hassle. I’ve only had one domain go missing but that was with another registrar that didn’t auto-renew. I’m trying to get my other customer’s domains off off Network Soln’ and a few others (some are so botique, but cheaper, that I’ll probably staty with them).

    BTW, thanks for getting me the SHMOO ticket, I owe ya BIG time on that.