Ubuntu all raid.

I have been working on and off on rebuilding my web server. I took the plunge today and wiped the box to start the OS install. It is a dell 2400 (cheap as I could get) desktop with a second PATA card and 2 80 Gig western digital drives.

I ended up creating exactly the same partitions on both disks and marking them all as raid. The server/alternate ubuntu 6.10 boot cd allowed me to configure 3 raid partitions one for /boot, one for swap and one for LVM. The lvm partition was then sliced up for the OS.

The install finished and the box booted. The new boot system in 6.10 edgy is very fast the system came up in seconds. The only hick-up is md3 was marked as dirty so I am waiting for it to resyncing before doing anything else.

I have never got a system to install and boot to from linux raid. Very cool

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