The weekends fun packed events

Left work a little early to go up to a house concert at Wendy and Sukumars in Baltimore. They were at a Four Shillings Short concert a couple months back and asked if they ever do house concerts and they said yes. So 4 Shillings Short put on a private concert for them and 50 of their closest friends. Then Saturday I dropped HY at the airport and joined the Society for Preservation of Beer from Wood (SPBW) for a trip round the Fredrick Wild Goose Flying Dog Brewing Company in Fredrick then on to Brewers Alley for more beer and excellent Macaroni and Cheese. Sunday was spent redoing the insulation in the basement. I knew the basement was cold I didn’t realize that there was a hollowing gale blowing throw the gaps between the cinder blocks at the top of the foundations. I also managed to drop a staple gun on my foot, my wife’s response was maybe we should get you steel capped shoes, my response, maybe I should be wearing shoes. I don’t think I have broken anything but I have a lovely bruise on two of my toes, which make a matching set with the bruise under the nail of my big toe from stubbing it a month back on the stairs. So very productive weekend

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