Miami and the Everglades

I didn’t get a chance to dive due to playing dodge the hurricane, but we get a change to go to the Everglades National Park. The first day we went out to Shark Valley where they have a tram ride that takes you into the park and gives you a chance to see the environment and some of the wild life. The Second day we started and Royal Palm and made our way down to Flamingo bay, where the park ranger wouldn’t come out of his office unless he had a mosquito net over his head.

Shark Valley: With a new camera and lens, I am still learning what the limits are, this time I had a go at taking photos of wildlife and didn’t quite get the shot I wanted. Not sure if it was the Vibration Reduction, the Shutter Speed or lack of depth of field but this shot isn’t quite in focus for the whole bird.

Shark Valley: The two in the shot were young deer that were out in front of the Tram. The driver was scared that they wouldn’t cross over and join their mum who was waiting in the water across the way.

Shark Valley: One of my favorite shots

Royal Palm: Mr Alligator, this was one of 2 watching us from the water.

Royal Palm: This was the third one we saw that day, he was about 2 to 3 feet away cooling him self off under a tree.

Royal Palm: I didn’t quite get this guy all in focus, but still a good shot.

Royal Palm: Mr Frog eyes just above the water

Miami: Ocean Dr

Miami: Ocean Dr

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