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So what should i do…..

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

So what should i do…..

My phone keeps locking up, not the sporadic rebooting I have come to live with in return for not being ensnared by windows mobile’s need to use a stylus for everything.

Instead it just hangs somewhere between 1xrtt and EVDO, no calls, no data, no email till I turn the radio on and off.

Should I kick the phone to the curb, and let it be another victim of Palm OS which has been due for replacement for years?

Should I try upgrading the firmware to that final verizon patch I have been ignoring?

Should I persevere and wait to see what palm is coming out with their New-ness announcement tomorrow in the hope that version 1 will be bug free and stable.

Or do I give the finger to verizon and go get an android G1 phone, with all its openness but with that uncomfortable right hand bump out when typing on the keyboard.

Palm moderating their comments on the official Palm Blog

Monday, July 14th, 2008

So I read the official plam blog from time to time and saw a story posted there about phones behaving badly. It then says

Got a pet peeve? Post it below.

So I commented something along the lines of.

Pet peeves let me see, how about the palm web browser blazer that frequently times out the first time you access a website then works perfectly the second time. Then there is a phone that randomly reboots for no good reason, is there ever a good reason to randomly reboot? Then finally there is the fact that I couldn’t post to the official palm blog using my treo 700p on verizon using blazer and instead had to use firefox on a real computer.

Surprising or maybe not the comment was never posted on the Palm site as an official comment so I am recreating it here.